Emoji Log Guide

This document is a work-in-progress. Feel free to reach out on Mastodon or Twitter.

Emoji Log helps you measure your progress by making it simple to track when meaningful steps are taken.

It is inspired by a philosophy of taking the smallest step possible, also known as Kaizen.


Time is visually represented in a circle with divisions based on the duration:

Minute Hour Day Week Month Year Infinity


AccessKey refers to a one or more shortcut keys followed by a single character. Usually it's Alt on Windows or Control+Alt on macOS, but it changes based on your browser and operating system.

Launcher refers to the app's command runner: press Alt+Space, type the command, then press Enter to run.

List of journals
Create AccessKey+n
Import JSON (beta) Launcher
Export JSON (beta) Launcher
Memo catalog
Create new item AccessKey+n
Select previous or next item, if filter field is focused Up or Down
Clear filter text and selected item, focus filter field Escape
Close, if filter field is focused Escape
Export selected journal (beta) Launcher
Debug memo Launcher
Open access link Launcher
Reload Launcher
Force update Launcher
Launcher Alt+Space
Global (when cloud is connected)
Copy private access link Launcher
Enter confirmation code Launcher
Clear authorization Launcher
Flush data Launcher

Add to Home screen on mobile and tablet devices

This web app can be 'installed' and used as if it were a native mobile app (with an icon, working without internet access, running as a standalone app outside of the browser).

  1. Open the app in your browser, then follow the steps based on your operating system:

iOS + Safari

  1. Tap the Share button Share button icon
  2. Tap Add to Home Screen Add to Home Screen icon

Android + Chrome

  1. Tap the More button More button icon
  2. Tap Add to home screen

What are remoteStorage and Fission?

remoteStorage and Fission are open protocols for synchronizing data between multiple devices. Both take the level of control and flexibility of something like email and bring it to your personal data. You could think of it as a USB key for your documents that you can plug into websites to work on your stuff.

You can get a remoteStorage account for free from 5apps or host your own.

You can get a Fission account for free from Fission Auth or setup your own server.